At L&S Management we understand the up and downs of property ownership.


Owner and Tenant Services

We have the dedicated staff, innovative programs and industry leading services to manage your investments at the exceptional level that you deserve and expect. Our team approach goes beyond traditional property management services and is always laser focused on pro-active evaluations that ask:

“Can this be done better?”

“Are we being as efficient as possible?”

“Is there a new innovation that can drive this process?”

From initial property evaluations to dynamic tenant retention strategies, we take pride in each and every property partnership that we are honored to be a part of.


  • Complete Property Evaluation
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Modernization
  • Monthly Property Inspections
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting
  • Fire, Life & Safety
  • Effective “For Lease” Marketing
  • Zero Risk Leasing Implementation
  • Zero Risk Leasing Account Support
  • Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Tenant Marketing Support
  • Tenant Move-In and Support
  • Tenant Retention Strategy / Implementation
  • Tenant Relocation
  • Evictions
  • On-Line Payment Options
  • Finance and Accounting Support
  • Fiscal Reports and Reviews
  • Support

L&S Management

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