OUR MISSION: With over 39 years of experience as both property owners and property managers, we live every day by our company mission: Managing from the owner’s perspective.

What does this mean to you?

We'll work together with you

It means a commitment to treat your property as if it were our own. It is going above and beyond for the small things as well as the large. It is treating you like family because we ARE family. From our company owners to you – we tackle each and every day and each and every property with the same level of importance. Whether it’s braving the rain to check for roof leaks, or meeting with tenants personally to resolve complaints, we care as much about the impact of your investment as you do.


Residential and commercial tenants

A perfect example of our unique understanding of property owners and the challenges they face is reflected in our innovative ZERO RISK LEASING program. Whether you are a new property owner, or an experienced real estate investor with commercial facilities that dot the globe – you know that paying commissions up front for leasing new space can be a profit-busting endeavor. Just when you exhale with the knowledge that your property is fully leased, a tenant goes out of business and you are forced to pay another steep commission to get the space filled again.

Unfortunately, no amount of research or credit checks can assure a tenant’s success. We get it! And, after years of working hard to develop the right mix of services designed to find and KEEP tenants that WILL be successful, we developed Zero Risk Leasing.

Rent Received = Commission Paid.

The bottom line: Zero Risk Leasing means the leasing fee you would typically pay up front when your new tenant signs a lease is instead amortized monthly over the length of the initial lease term. Yes, we only get paid when YOU get paid!

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Family Trust property ownership can be as complicated as it is rewarding.

At L&S Management we recognize the unique dynamic of Family Trust real estate operations and are here to support you and your family members through every phase of the property ownership process.  We, too, are a family owned property development and management company so we recognize the often challenging position that family trust property ownership presents. WE ARE YOU.  We get that the dinner table is not much different than the conference table when it comes to the hard work involved in creating and maintaining a profitable recipe for successful family trust property ownership.

We are committed to offering you and your family peace of mind when it comes to the management of your shared assets.

We are committed to offering you and your family peace of mind when it the comes to the management of your shared assets.  It is evident that the entrepreneurial  challenges in today’s turbulent real estate market are many – and adding the emotional mix of family can often enhance the stress of managing family trust properties.  At L&S Management we bring a solid combination of experience, innovation and leadership uniquely tied to a powerful list of services and programs including our most popular:  Zero Risk Leasing.  No other offer in the industry matches the financial benefits that Zero Risk Leasing provides and it is solid proof of our commitment that your success is our success.

Family businesses account for 90% of all businesses in the United States

Family Trust 1Family businesses account for 90% of all businesses in the United States – so you and your family are not alone.  At L&S Management the majority of the properties we manage are owned by family trusts and we consider it an honor to help current and future generations grow their wealth through the flourishing opportunities provided by owning commercial and multi-family properties. We are experienced in navigating both the challenges and rewards generated by family owned LLC’s.  We actively support established operating agreements through open communication, day-to-day operational functions, and the long term strategic planning required for on-going success.

It is always our goal to be clearly focused on YOUR peace of mind by not just reducing your risk and maximizing your profit – but by insuring that EVERY family member is informed, confident and secure in the vested interest they have for their future and the generations to follow.

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